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Porter Cable Variable Speed Belt Sander Review

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As one of the most useful power tools in one’s workshop, a belt sander works in shaping, amazonbuttonsmoothing, and finishing different types of materials like wood and metal. Either a disc sander or a sand paper is employed for such procedures; and this will depend on the model of unit and how it’s used in an application. Models can also come in the form of portable handheld machines or stationary equipment which can be installed on a work bench.

The PORTER-CABLE 362V 4-Inch by 24-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander is a 4×24 sander model and it’s a handheld portable device. In spite of its compact appearance, however, it is equipped with a powerful 12-Amp motor that can deliver professional results. This Porter Cable Sander is actually one of the Company’s most powerful sanders to date; and professional woodworkers as well as hobbyists and DIY people find this unit extremely useful in their home and business projects.

With flush sanding features that can tackle both horizontal and vertical jobs, this model can smooth wood surfaces through its efficient sanding system and remove paints and old finishes too. As a variable speed belt sander, you can also adjust this unit’s sanding speed anywhere from 1,000 – 1,500 SFPM.

Top Features of the PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Belt Sander

Aside from having a variable speed knob that’s placed on the unit’s handle for the operator’s convenience, this 4×24 sander also has a belt tracking dial that allows for easy belt adjustment even as the machine is being used. The main motor’s location is worth mentioning too, as it is conveniently installed on top of the platen so as to provide for balance during operation.

This variable speed belt sander also comes in a full metal design which makes it durable even when exposed to constant and heavy use. And since it’s a handheld power tool, it can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It weighs around 15 pounds; so it is appropriately weighted for such types of jobs.

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Aside from the main unit, the Porter Cable Belt Sander package also includes a 100G belt as well as a dust collection bag that can swivel up to 360 degrees. This dust bag is very much needed for wood projects as woodworks involve the production of sawdust; and such particles are not only bothersome but harmful to one’s health too. If you find the accompanying dust bag to be quite small and inefficient for your projects, you can also attach a vacuum cleaner on the tool by using the necessary attachments and adapter.

Note that this Porter Cable Sander is a very powerful device; and as such, it works very well on hard types of wood. Because of said power, however, you should be careful when using it on projects that involve soft types of wood so as to avoid damaging delicate materials. It’s a variable speed belt sander anyway, so you can adjust its rotation speed to the appropriate level as needed in your work.

Normally costing at about $240, the PORTER-CABLE 362V 4-Inch by 24-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander has a very competitive price; and it even comes with a 3-year warranty. It’s the perfect tool for removing, smoothing, and leveling wood; and it can work on horizontal and vertical projects too.

Note, however, that its overall weight of 15.5 pounds is considered to be both advantageous and disadvantageous, depending on how the unit is used. For horizontal works, such as working on the floors, it can prove to be very efficient and convenient as the equipment’s own weight can serve as the only pressure needed to complete the job. But when working on vertical projects such as on walls, its weight can be quite heavy for some users.

All in all, this Porter Cable Sander is a useful addition to a woodworker’s workstation. Its overall features, design, and price make it a very valuable power tool. It’s the best belt sander for DIY projects and professional jobs as well.

You can also look at a simple model of belt sander by checking out our review of the Ryobi ZRBE318.

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Review of Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander

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The Makita belt sander features a combination of performance and precision, amazonbuttoncomplemented by its overall ease of use. This sander is rated as one of the best to hit the market and it is a “must have” for anyone in the construction industry, especially carpenters, deck builders and other woodworkers.

The Makita sander runs on a heavy duty 8.8 amp motor that is fitted with an electronic speed control in order to ensure that it continues to work at a constant pace when faced with variations in the workload. Customers can easily utilize the speed control dial to make the requisite speed adjustments in accordance with the type of job that must be done.

From an ergonomic point of view, the Makita 9903 has been engineered in such a way that the noise emitted from the motor only reaches a maximum of 85 dB, making it one of the quietest power tools of its kind. In addition to this, the overall working environment is better, since the noise reduction goes easier on the ears and the operator can work more comfortably. Another user-friendly feature is the presence of a large front grip which provides adequate support and comfort during operation.

Top Features of the Makita 9903 Variable Speed Belt Sander

The Makita belt sander is also recognized for its touch of automation; it is ingeniously engineered with an auto-tracking belt system that maintains perfect tracking at all times. This feature makes this sander stand out among all other brands, since customers who switched to Makita 9903 no longer had to stop at regular intervals to adjust the tracking.

Balance and stability are also covered in this sander model; the 9903 sports a neat low profile design that makes it a whole lot easier to use in comparison to other sanders. Work efficiency remains tip top, since this power tool features an extended base that facilitates sanding hard to reach places, such as the corners and sides of the floor.  This extended base includes both the nose and the side of the sander.

Working over large surfaces, such as flooring, requires longer power cords. The Makita belt sander features a 16.4-foot power cord that makes it easier to sand larger areas, especially when there is a limited supply of power outlets.

Neatness is guaranteed, thanks to the presence of an effective inbuilt dust collecting system designed to quickly remove all dust generated while sanding, and to store it away in a cloth dust bag for subsequent disposal. This feature not only protects the user from inhaling these particles, but also allows the quick evaluation and assessment of the work done.

Most operators are usually concerned about the sanding depth, since this can affect the overall finish of the surface in question. Luckily for users of the Makita belt sander, this power tool comes equipped with an optional sanding shoe that reinforces precision of sanding depth, allowing surfaces to maintain a smooth and even appearance.

With so many features incorporated into this compact power tool, anyone may expect it to pack some serious weight; on the contrary, this product weights a mere 9.5 pounds, making it ideal for carrying to and from the workplace with ease. Added to this, the Makita 9903 is currently listed at a reduced price for a limited time only, and customers are urged to take full advantage of this offer.

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The quality of each sander is thoroughly reviewed at the factory prior to its release. This inspection rules out any chances of receiving one that doesn’t the job due to defects. In addition, the 9903 is backed by an entire year of warranty. As the company’s best belt sander to date, this one is a keeper!

If you want to compare this unit with another variable speed belt sander, click here to go to our Porter Cable Belt Sander Review.

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Grizzly H6070 Belt and Disc Sander Review

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Are you in search of a good power tool that can handle all the contours of your woodworkamazonbutton or perhaps provide the sharpening action that you’ve always wanted? If so, the Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander is just the right choice for you. This multipurpose Grizzly sander boasts a 1/3 horsepower, single-phase, 3450 RPM motor that provides sufficient torque needed to get the job done, without ever having to worry about choking out the motor. At the same time, this motor is totally enclosed, thus providing a safer work environment for operators, while protecting the motor from harsh external conditions.

Each sander on this Grizzly belt grinder carries its corresponding table making it extremely easy and comfortable to work with. Best of all, the sanding tables are ingeniously crafted to tilt up to 45 degrees, giving operators the opportunity to sand the most intricate parts of their products without leaving any surfaces untouched. Although the table sizes vary slightly, it is important to note that they are large enough to handle the finishing touches on your projects.

Top Features of the Grizzly H6070 Belt Sander

The Grizzly belt grinder features a belt platen and idler roller guard that can be easily detached from the unit if necessary. Once the belt platen and idler roller guard are removed, sanding the contours of your project becomes even easier.

This product comes fitted with a 1″ wide by 30″ long sanding belt and a 5″ sanding disc. With these accessories already in place and the unit readily pre–assembled, users can begin their projects immediately after receiving this sander. The overall assembly weighs a total of 19.9 pounds, allowing for ease of portability, while ensuring that it stays firmly in place during operation.

The grizzly belt sander is engineered with heavy duty materials, giving it the sturdy properties that it features and adding to its durability. Working with the belt is even better, thanks to the tracking adjustment.

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While working with the Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander, the dust or filling generated in the process is quickly diverted towards the dust port, where it can be easily collected for disposal. This keeps the workplace really neat and at the same time helps to protect the operator.

Another protective measure that has been incorporated into the design of the grizzly belt sander is the presence of a fully sealed electrical box, which establishes the electrical connection with the motor and the power cord, without and exposure of parts that may be otherwise hazardous. At the top of the electrical box, there is a power switch with clear instructions for starting and stopping the equipment. This switch is designed with an outer protective switch guard casing that prevents the accidental pressing of the lever arm of the switch.

The Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander offers a vast range of options in relation to usage and customization. With regards to usage, not only it this power tool designed for wooden surfaces, but can also be used to sharpen metals. This is the typical case of most customers who utilize this highly versatile tool to make as well as to sharpen knives, axes, machetes and metal lather tools, among others.

Likewise, with regards to extreme customization, some customers especially knife makers have not only removed the belt platen and idler roller guard, but also the tables in order to gain full access to the sanding belt and disc.

Although table removal is not recommended, it still goes to show the extent to which this piece of equipment is flexible. To top it all off, the Grizzly belt sander sells at a relatively low price range in comparison to other similar power tools with lesser features. So be sure to order this one before it runs out of stock!

For another option on buying a belt sander, you might want to take a look at the Makita 9903 model which offers a variable speed design among other features. Click here to read our review on said product.

–> Click Here for Pricing and Reviews on Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander on Amazon

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Review of Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander

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Woodwork has never been easy but the joy and pride that woodworkers get from a finished job makes it all worthwhile. It obviously starts with wood, and every wood worker knows the importance of getting the wood to the perfect level of smoothness. This has always been done by some form of sanding, which can be a very tedious and time consuming task. Uneven surfaces and dug out sections are a woodworker’s nightmare when sanding wooden surfaces.

Choosing and using the right tool for the sanding process is therefore a critical activity. The process has evolved over the years, and technology has made the smoothing process much quicker with the creation of electric belt sanders.

Black & Decker has always specialized in making tools that increase productivity at a reasonable price, and the Black & Decker Belt Sander lives up to the brand’s usual high standards. The Black & Decker Belt Sander packs a bunch of unique and mesmerizing features into a highly powerful tool that is sure to catch the eye of a woodworker. Moreover, it is also very budget friendly, and does not require you to pay over the odds for a belt sander.

The Black and Decker Belt Sander is designed with the woodworkers’ needs in mind, as it makes sanding quick, easy, safe and effective. The whole point of using a belt sander is to save on time and energy, and this machine was created to efficiently save these resources.

Top Features of the Black & Decker BR318 Low Profile Belt Sander

The design of the Black & Decker Sander allows for easy handling and causes less pressure on the user’s hand. With a comfortable front handle, woodworkers can easily maneuver the sander to cover the area that requires smoothing.

The low profile front also makes it easier to get to those difficult spots, which in the past would require the use of a different type of tool. Also the fact that it is 13% narrower than most sanders on the market allows for it to be used to sand surfaces in places that other belt sanders can’t reach because of their width.

For additional comfort and manageability, this sander is lightweight, coming at a mere 3.6 pounds which is unusual for a sander. However, it is made with increased power of 6.0 amps so it is just as effective as those heavier sanders.

The smaller front rollers in the design allow it to sand two times closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces to create a more even surface. Also with automatic tracking, users need not worry about having to perform the tedious task of adjusting the tracking to keep the belt centered. So there is greater efficiency with the Black & Decker BR318 3-by-18-inch Low Profile Belt Sander.

The dust collection system of a sander is another important feature, as woodworkers do not need a huge mess to clean up after they are through sanding, and the Black and Decker Belt Sander delivers again. The dust bag is easily attached and removed from the sander and it collects most of the dust that is produced. It is easy to empty without causing further mess, and this is just another way in which this very handy tool saves your time and increases efficiency.

Whether you are a woodworker, a do-it-yourselfer or just someone who likes to play around with woodwork as a hobby, the Black & Decker Belt Sander has all the features to help you get the job done right. It is easy on the hands while producing quality work, and comes with the usual Black and Decker high standards for durability and overall quality. It is affordable and a very good choice if you wish to acquire the best belt sander without spending a lot of cash.

If you want to look at another affordable model of belt sander, we urge you to look at the Grizzly Belt Sander. This unit is also made of heavy duty materials that make it suitable not only for wood works but for metal projects too.

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Ryobi ZRBE318 Belt Sander Review

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The Ryobi Company is known for making quality inexpensive tools that can be used around the house and at job sites too. They offer power tools, die casting products, and other equipment all around the world. And they have group companies in the USA, Europe, Japan, and China as well.

For woodworkers, a belt sander is one of the most important things to have in one’s arsenal of power tools as woodworks always need to undergo smoothing and finishing jobs. Belt sanders are also useful in repairing and alternating already existing projects so as to fit with one’s current needs and requirements.

Ryobi offers different types of belt sanders, but the most popular model to date is the Ryobi ZRBE318; and this can be purchased in a brand new or refurbished condition. Needless to say, a Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi ZRBE318 5 Amp 3 in. x 18 in. Belt Sander is priced much lower than a new and unused item.

This particular Ryobi sander is a single speed (700 FPM) model; so the user is not presented with the option of varying its rotation speed when tackling different types of jobs. It is also one of the reasons why it’s cheaper than units that offer variable speeds in their features.

The Ryobi ZRBE318 is run by a 5-Amp motor which gives it enough power to handle tough jobs in workshops. It may not seem a lot, but the unit still requires proper handling from experienced woodworkers in order to be operated on safely and efficiently. Note that this is still a power tool; and not knowing how to use it can result in accidents and mishaps even when tackling on simple projects.

Top Features of the Ryobi Sander ZRBE318

As a 5-Amp portable power tool, the Ryobi belt disc sander packs a lot of power for simple jobs. Its single-speed functionality can be utilized by pressing on the trigger switch which is conveniently located on the unit’s handle. It even has a lock-on design so as to allow the operator to continuously work on a project without bothering to press on the trigger. Of course, you can also opt not to use the lock-on feature for stop and go jobs.

This model’s simple design also includes an easy to operate tension release lever that makes changing belt uncomplicated and trouble-free. The built-in belt tracking system also makes the machine’s belt alignment seamless for the perfect jobs.

This is a user friendly handheld belt sander; and it’s equipped with an 8-foot power cord to facilitate ease of movement during operation. And since it’s mainly made of plastic materials, it is very light at only about 6 pounds; so it’s easy to maneuver too. The handle is also ergonomically designed, so it’s really comfortable on the hands and won’t cause hand fatigue even when working on a project for a long time. Its compact appearance also makes it portable; so you can easily change job sites without having to lug a heavy equipment with you.

As with other standard models of belt sanders, the Ryobi Sander ZRBE318 also comes with a circular dust port that’s compatible with traditional vacuum cleaners so that said appliance’s dust compartment can be alternately used in place of the regular dust bag that comes with a sanding equipment. Note that although this model also includes a removable dust bag, some users simply find it insufficient for heavy duty sanding work.

When purchased brand new, the Ryobi belt disc sander is priced at around $50 to $70. Refurbished units, however, can be bought for much less; so you can save up to 50% when you go for such items. But as we all know, there are risks to getting used tools and appliances; so it would be wise to look for some kind of warranty or a good return policy when going for this option.

There’s no doubt about it that a Ryobi sander is a practical buy because it is typically 3 to 4 times cheaper than high-end brands and models of belt sanders. But based on user experience and product reviews, the ZRBE318 model is only best used for light woodworks as it may easily get broken when exposed to heavy type construction jobs.

If you want to look at another portable model of belt sander, you can read our full review of the Black and Decker BR318. By comparing both units, you will be able to determine if a particular model is more suitable to your needs.

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Factory Reconditioned Ridgid ZRR2740 Belt Sander Review

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The creativity that woodwork releases in those that do it cannot be ignored, and their pride is easily detected when looking at the finished product. This pride starts with the tools, and one important tool that any woodworker is proud to have is a sander.

The sanding process can be taxing on the woodworker, and even though sanders have come a far way in terms of design and capabilities, one has to look at the available belt sander reviews to find the sander that has the best available features.

While most will seem to have some similar features, it should be understood that all sanders are not created equal and the key is to find the one that is most comfortable while still adding value to one’s creative work.

The Ridgid Belt Sander is one that fits nicely into line up of tools that a woodworker can depend on for added efficiency. The ultimate aim is to acquire the level of smoothness that perfectly suits the work of art that is being created.

Electric belt sanders are usually defined by their speed. In other words, the whole point is to get this arduous task of sanding done in as little time as possible. This requires the right amount of power and the perfect design.

An integral aspect of the perfect design is the built-in safety features. Power tools can be dangerous even to the very experienced professionals. It is therefore important when purchasing a power tool such as a sander that the buyer examines the safety features along with the other performance features.

Another critical area to look at is that of comfort. Always test how comfortable it is to use the sander and overall how easy it is to manage it without having to settle for an inferior finished product. If all these factors are considered in the decision making process when purchasing a sander then, the process should be easier and the purchaser should take home a winning piece that will help to create masterpieces.

Top Features of the Ridgid Belt Sander

This sander is more powerful than it would seem at first glance. It is built with a 6.5 Amp motor belt and is also gear driven, which provides additional power as well as enhances the longevity of the tool.

Woodworkers will find this additional power very useful in increasing their level of efficiency. It also has 12 feet rubber power cord and a cord wrap that will help to increase the durability and handiness that this product offers.

Another great feature is the belt tracking tool which adjusts automatically. It is designed to keep the belt to the center of the plate for proper alignment. This is another means by which it creates greater levels of efficiency.

Additionally, it has a twin fan dust collection system which allows one fan to cool the motor while the other collects dust maximizing the dust collection process. Dust is inevitable when using a sander, but with this power sander the clean-up process is well improved and much easier.

The key feature of comfort is also addressed in the design of this sander. It is built to minimize the level of vibration that the user feels while using it. In addition to this, it has soft grip handles which are made to reduce the effect on the hands and give a more comfortable feeling while working.

Regardless of the reason one does woodwork, whether it be a profession or a hobby, the requirements when choosing a sander should have some basic similarities. However, the key is that it should allow the user to get the job done efficiently, effectively, safely and comfortably.

The Ridgid sander offers all this and more at a very affordable price. It is a tool that a woodworker can be proud to have as part of a great set of power tools.

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On the Lookout for the Top Jet Belt Sander

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A belt sander is an electronic hand tool that is designed to make the process of shaping
and finishing wood very simple and effortless. It is specifically built for users who are focused on working with wood for long durations. The belt sander consists of an encased motor that drives a circular belt, and the sandpaper is cut in a long strip to fit over the belt which attaches tightly to cover the entire surface of the belt. The belt starts to turn as the motor is switched on.

Uses of JET-Brand Belt Sanders

The tool is usually used on a rough wooden surface in order to quickly sand an entire area without having to apply too much pressure or make manual circular movements. The belt sander is an indispensible tool for different types of jobs that could take a long time if done manually. Apart from being used to carve and shape woodwork to have a great finish, it is able to strip off paint from the wooden furniture, resurface the stained and old wood, and also rounds the corners as well as edges with great smoothness.

There are various types of belt sanders to choose from when you are trying to get hold of the right one to serve your purpose. The amperage of the motor is the determining factor as far as the power of the tool is concerned. Jet provides you with two belt sanders and it is up to you to make the final decision before you buy. Let’s take a closer look at the two of them.

Jet 708599K JSG-6DCK 6-Inch/12-Inch Horsepower Open Sand Belt/Disc Sander, 115-Volt 1 Phase

The Jet Open Sand Belt/Disc Sander is a very powerful belt sander that is actually a combination of disc and belt sander. It is designed to bring professional quality sanding to any type of setting. The device is set on an open steel stand, and both belt and disc sanders run on a centrally balanced and completely encased induction motor. The motor is prewired for 115 volt outlets.

The 2 horsepower motor delivers great speed and power to the sander. The sander belt rotates at 2500 SFPM and can be adjusted to operate vertically as well as horizontally. The 12 inch disc sander operates with efficiency with very little vibration. The meter slotted table that is capable of tilting is made of cast iron and the tilt actually helps to accommodate any type of sanding application.

The thumbscrews are unique, and can make the tracking adjustments really quick and fairly consistent. The belt life has been increased by the platen made of graphite, which actually reduces the heat. The switch pad of the device can be locked, making the device really safe to work with.

Jet J-4100 2-Inch by 42-Inch ¾-Horsepower Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander

The Jet Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander is a combination sander that is easy and great to work with. It consists of the deluxe meter gauge that turns, as well as locks for common angles, i.e. 45 degrees for both the left and right side.

The idler wheel cover is hinged and the table can be tilted according to requirements. The function of a jig saw is done by the abrasive belt unit. This belt also functions as the coping saw or hand file while removing the materials and finishing. The structure of the device allows the user to get into small openings and also to handle odd shapes and angles on the woodwork.

The motor of the sander is ¾ horsepower and the disc rotates at the speed of 3450 RPM, with a belt speed of 3100 SFPM. This device comes with a heavy duty base, tilting table made of cast iron, and cast construction. It is built and tested to very tight tolerance standards in order to ensure high quality and precision operations.

These are the best of the Jet belt sander crop and you can’t go wrong with either choice. For an overview of other choices outside of the Jet brand, have a look at our top 5 choices.

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Looking for the Perfect 1×42 Inch Belt Sander

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Belt sanders forms part of a group of highly solicited power tools that are generally used toamazonbutton add the finishing touches to wooden projects and other materials. One of the most popular types is the 1×42 belt sander.

Unlike other sanders, the belt sander is uniquely designed to increase work precision, while guaranteeing adequate shaping and smoothing out of your materials, as well as the “hard to reach” areas of your projects. In addition, 1×42 belt sanders are ideal for making and sharpening knives, as well as other hand held tools, such as chisels.

Working without a 1×42 belt sander can be an extremely challenging task; not to mention the fact that your finished product may still appear somewhat crude and rough around the edges. Another advantage of these belt sanders is that they significantly reduce the strain and manual workload of the operators, given their overall design and ergonomic features.

Identifying the Top Two 1×42 Inch Belt Sanders

Two of the top customer choices are the Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander and the JET J-4002 1-Inch by 42-Inch Bench Belt and Disc Sander. Let’s take a closer look at each to learn about their features in order for you pick the one that is most ideal for your jobs:

Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander, 32 lbs, 1725 RPM, 1/3 HP Motor, 1″ x 42″ Belt, 4″ Contact Wheel

This belt sander features a heavy duty 1/3 HP, single phase motor that delivers a speed of 1725 rpm for handling all your sanding needs. This 32 pounds equipment can be easily moved from one place to another, making portability as easy as possible. The Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander comes fitted with 8 feet of cord, giving operators more than enough leverage to use the equipment as far away from the power source as possible. This feature is of dire importance, especially for operators with limited power outlets or short extension cords.

The belt sander caters for sanding a series of different materials including plastics, wood, composites and metals. The belt is manufactured using aluminum oxide, which adds to its durability and performance. The overall design of the Kalamazoo 1SM facilitates speedy and tireless changing and tracking of the belt. Tracking is further boosted thanks to the presence of inbuilt spring tension rollers. At the same time, these rollers help to maintain adequate tension of the sanding belt to ensure that the outcome of your work is consistently excellent.

Additional features of interest include an adjustable table that is tailored to suit your needs and can be maneuvered according to your preferences, as well as a tool rest for keeping your workshop hand tools. The Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander also provides you with the option of freely managing your projects, or firmly attaching them for a more controlled sanding operation.

JET J-4002 1-Inch by 42-Inch Bench Belt and Disc Sander

The JET series is a world renowned and highly trusted brand. Unlike other 1×42 belt sanders, its unique design features an ingenious combination of a sanding belt and a sanding disc, coupled together and mounted unto a high speed, heavy duty single phase motor.   This particular design not only caters for the regular sanding and sharpening projects, but also for deburring, drum sanding and carving. The equipment features a deluxe miter gauge that can provide bilateral movements and locking of up to 45 degree angles.

A removable platen creates the option to work with curves and irregularly shaped projects, leaving them with a smooth finish. The presence of an inbuilt hinged idler wheel cover adds a touch of safety to the system and protects the operator from the hazardous moving parts. The JET J-4002 sits on a heavy duty steel frame that supports the work strain and adds to the overall durability of the equipment. In addition, the rubber feet keeps the equipment firmly grounded, while serving as a base for absorbing the shockwaves generated by the moving parts.

Other top features that put the JET J-4002 way ahead of the other brands include the presence of an adjustable dust deflector and dust chute, as well as a durable cast iron tilting table.

If you’re not quite ready for a 1×42 inch sander, take a closer look at this 1×30 disc and belt sander by Grizzly.

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Overview of the Best Drum Sanders Available

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Drum sanders play a valuable role in the workshop. These power tools can be best
described as machines that are used to sand certain projects made with wood or plastic. Unlike regular handheld sanders, such as the Porter Cable Variable Speed sander, the drum sander is usually designed to handle larger projects.

The equipment is relatively larger than the average power tool that you may encounter in the workshop on a regular basis. It comes either pre-assembled and ready to use, or can be easily set up with the aid of a manual. The main operation of a drum sander occurs thanks to the presence of a sandpaper conveyor belt that spins with a high speed motor, delivering the sanding action needed for achieving a smooth finish of your woodwork or plastic-based projects. Here is a step by step approach from YouTube.

In most of the drum sander reviews made by verified purchasers and users, the issue of durability, performance and work efficiency arise. Most customers seek a premium quality product that will yield the best results in the shortest possible time period, and with very little or no cleaning up to do following use. Currently, most of the top brands of drum sanders are designed with a suction unit that serves to remove all of the dust particles and debris generated while sanding. This feature adds efficiency to the equipment and makes the process a whole lot easier.

Zeroing On the Top 2 Drum Sanders on the Market

Two of the best JET drum sanders that are currently considered as “top sellers” are the   JET 629004K 16-32 Plus 16-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Open Stand Drum Sander and the ET 649004K 22X44 Plus Drum 22-by-1-3/4-Inch Sander with Open Stand. Let’s take a closer look at their features and accolades.

JET 629004K 16-32 Plus 16-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Open Stand Drum Sander 110-Volt 1 Phase

This JET sander model features a 1-1/2-horsepower motor that is capable of providing adequate output to support up to 32 inches of stock that requires sanding. At the same time, the JET Open Stand Drum Sander delivers uniform and consistent results with every operation.

In addition, the conveyor belt is driven by a separate motor that works effectively as well.Both motors are specifically engineered to operate in dusty conditions without stalling. The equipment is also designed with an aluminum self-cooling drum that prevents overheating during use and protects both the equipment and the materials it sands.

This model also offers an adjustable platform for the drum height, as well as for the downward roller pressure, adding to its user -friendliness.  The JET 629004K features an open frame design that allows users to sand larger pieces with ease. This equipment also allows a wide variety of feed rates, giving users the leverage to work at the pace that is most convenient to them.  An inbuilt safety switch mechanism controls any overload and protects the system for damages. The JET 629004K Drum Sander is backed by a 5 year seal of warranty.

JET 649004K 22X44 Plus Drum 22-by-1-3/4-Inch Sander with Open Stand 115-Volt 1-Phase

This one of the most highly solicited models of the JET drum sander series. It features a SandSmart conveyor belt that controls the load with which it is presented. This drum sander promotes a clean work area that is guaranteed by the presence of a 4 inch inbuilt dust port that collects the sanding debris. The sander is driven by a 1 3/4hp motor that minimizes work time, while yielding the quality of results anticipated.

The steel conveyor bed is reinforced with great precision to allow smooth feeds. This model comes readily available for immediate use, with minimal assembly required to get started off. The JET 649004K Sander runs at 1,700 rpm, with a fully functional lubrication system that facilitates its smooth operation regardless of the load in question.

Although most top models deliver satisfactory results from time to time, it is important to note that JET drum sanders stand out substantially, in that they are engineered according to industry standards, with the incorporation of the signature SandSmart technology that puts them a notch above the others.

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Best Makita Belt Sanders to Date: Analysis

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Sanders were created to take the roughness and toughness out of wood and woodwork. amazonbuttonFor those who love to create masterpieces from pieces of shapeless wood, a sander is a key tool. Over the years sanders have evolved and as the technology continues to improve greater things are becoming possible and efficiency is more easily achieved.

The sanding process is critical to any woodwork project. It helps the craftsman to get the perfect smoothness of the wood which can make or break the piece. This makes the task of choosing a sander even more serious because having the right sander is the key to getting the perfect finish.

When purchasing a sander there are some key features that you should check out. These include the speed, the power, the tracking control feature and the dust collecting mechanism. These will increase or decrease the value that your belt sander holds for you. So which is the best belt sander? It is the one that suits you and the Makita brand gives you the power of choice when buying this power tool.

The best features of 3 of the most powerful belt sanders available in market are outlined below.

Makita Belt Sanders – An In-Depth Look

Makita is widely regarded as building a superior model of household and business tools, and their belt sanders are no exception. The top 3 belt sanders are listed below:

Top Features of the Makita 9403 11 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander

This belt sander comes equipped with a 4-inch wide belt and it operates at a speed of 1640 feet-per-minute. This quick removal of material is done with a lot less noise than the average sander. At a noise level of 84 decibels, it can be described as the most quiet belt sander when compared to the other sanders in similar class range.

With double insulation and labyrinth construction to protect motor and bearings from contamination, this belt sander is highly durable. It also has features built for the comfort of the user; this is something that is not commonly found in power tools.

The front grip is designed specifically to provide comfort for the operator and the cord is attached at the upper portion of the handle for greater convenience. Another convenient feature is the dust bag which swivels 360 degrees. This helps to accelerate the clean-up process and saves time.

The Makita 11 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander weighs 13 pounds with an 11 Amps motor which enables greater production of smooth surfaces.

Top Features of the Makita 9404 8.8 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander

This belt sander has variable speed control which is a plus for a good quality belt sander, because it makes it easier to work with thin wood and do fine work. The speed ranges from 690 to 1440 feet-per-minute.

It also has a 4-inch belt and a unique design that makes it possible to do flush sanding to the corner of a wall. All this is backed by the power of an 8.8 amps motor. With this power, you can also sand metal and remove paint and rust easily.

Even with all the features stated above, Makita 8.8 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander is very quiet with a noise level of 84 decibels. The 16.4 feet power cord makes it easy to maneuver in large spaces and dust bag helps to keep the work area clean. This makes the clean-up process a lot easier after the work is complete. These features make it comfortable and very convenient to use this power tool.

Weighing 10.3 pounds, it is equipped with an auto-tracking belt system which makes it easier to keep the belt aligned and increases the lifespan of the belt. The double insulated construction also increases the durability of this tool.

Top Features of the Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-inch-by-21-inch Belt Sander

Originating in Japan, this Makita sander is equipped with an 8.8 amps motor and variable speed capability. The speed ranges from 690 to 1440 feet-per-minute, and it can be described as the most quiet belt sander in its class, with noise level of just 85 decibels.

It is powerful enough to sand wood and metal; it is also useful in the removal of paint or rust. Weighing 9.5 pounds, it is fairly lightweight, and this coupled with the front grip design makes it a more comfortable belt sander.

The Makita 8.8 Amp 3-inch-by-21-inch Belt Sanderhas an optional sanding shoe for more meticulous sanding depth control. It also has a unique design which allows flush sanding with nose and side of the sander.

It is also equipped with dust bag which facilitates quick clean up while the 16.4 feet power cord makes it easy to move it around in large and small spaces and on jobs of varying sizes. The auto belt tracking feature tracks the belt without making adjustment, and this helps to protect the belt from early damage.

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