Best Makita Belt Sanders to Date: Analysis

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Sanders were created to take the roughness and toughness out of wood and woodwork. amazonbuttonFor those who love to create masterpieces from pieces of shapeless wood, a sander is a key tool. Over the years sanders have evolved and as the technology continues to improve greater things are becoming possible and efficiency is more easily achieved.

The sanding process is critical to any woodwork project. It helps the craftsman to get the perfect smoothness of the wood which can make or break the piece. This makes the task of choosing a sander even more serious because having the right sander is the key to getting the perfect finish.

When purchasing a sander there are some key features that you should check out. These include the speed, the power, the tracking control feature and the dust collecting mechanism. These will increase or decrease the value that your belt sander holds for you. So which is the best belt sander? It is the one that suits you and the Makita brand gives you the power of choice when buying this power tool.

The best features of 3 of the most powerful belt sanders available in market are outlined below.

Makita Belt Sanders – An In-Depth Look

Makita is widely regarded as building a superior model of household and business tools, and their belt sanders are no exception. The top 3 belt sanders are listed below:

Top Features of the Makita 9403 11 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander

This belt sander comes equipped with a 4-inch wide belt and it operates at a speed of 1640 feet-per-minute. This quick removal of material is done with a lot less noise than the average sander. At a noise level of 84 decibels, it can be described as the most quiet belt sander when compared to the other sanders in similar class range.

With double insulation and labyrinth construction to protect motor and bearings from contamination, this belt sander is highly durable. It also has features built for the comfort of the user; this is something that is not commonly found in power tools.

The front grip is designed specifically to provide comfort for the operator and the cord is attached at the upper portion of the handle for greater convenience. Another convenient feature is the dust bag which swivels 360 degrees. This helps to accelerate the clean-up process and saves time.

The Makita 11 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander weighs 13 pounds with an 11 Amps motor which enables greater production of smooth surfaces.

Top Features of the Makita 9404 8.8 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander

This belt sander has variable speed control which is a plus for a good quality belt sander, because it makes it easier to work with thin wood and do fine work. The speed ranges from 690 to 1440 feet-per-minute.

It also has a 4-inch belt and a unique design that makes it possible to do flush sanding to the corner of a wall. All this is backed by the power of an 8.8 amps motor. With this power, you can also sand metal and remove paint and rust easily.

Even with all the features stated above, Makita 8.8 Amp 4-inch-by-24-inch Belt Sander is very quiet with a noise level of 84 decibels. The 16.4 feet power cord makes it easy to maneuver in large spaces and dust bag helps to keep the work area clean. This makes the clean-up process a lot easier after the work is complete. These features make it comfortable and very convenient to use this power tool.

Weighing 10.3 pounds, it is equipped with an auto-tracking belt system which makes it easier to keep the belt aligned and increases the lifespan of the belt. The double insulated construction also increases the durability of this tool.

Top Features of the Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-inch-by-21-inch Belt Sander

Originating in Japan, this Makita sander is equipped with an 8.8 amps motor and variable speed capability. The speed ranges from 690 to 1440 feet-per-minute, and it can be described as the most quiet belt sander in its class, with noise level of just 85 decibels.

It is powerful enough to sand wood and metal; it is also useful in the removal of paint or rust. Weighing 9.5 pounds, it is fairly lightweight, and this coupled with the front grip design makes it a more comfortable belt sander.

The Makita 8.8 Amp 3-inch-by-21-inch Belt Sanderhas an optional sanding shoe for more meticulous sanding depth control. It also has a unique design which allows flush sanding with nose and side of the sander.

It is also equipped with dust bag which facilitates quick clean up while the 16.4 feet power cord makes it easy to move it around in large and small spaces and on jobs of varying sizes. The auto belt tracking feature tracks the belt without making adjustment, and this helps to protect the belt from early damage.

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