Factory Reconditioned Ridgid ZRR2740 Belt Sander Review

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The creativity that woodwork releases in those that do it cannot be ignored, and their pride is easily detected when looking at the finished product. This pride starts with the tools, and one important tool that any woodworker is proud to have is a sander.

The sanding process can be taxing on the woodworker, and even though sanders have come a far way in terms of design and capabilities, one has to look at the available belt sander reviews to find the sander that has the best available features.

While most will seem to have some similar features, it should be understood that all sanders are not created equal and the key is to find the one that is most comfortable while still adding value to one’s creative work.

The Ridgid Belt Sander is one that fits nicely into line up of tools that a woodworker can depend on for added efficiency. The ultimate aim is to acquire the level of smoothness that perfectly suits the work of art that is being created.

Electric belt sanders are usually defined by their speed. In other words, the whole point is to get this arduous task of sanding done in as little time as possible. This requires the right amount of power and the perfect design.

An integral aspect of the perfect design is the built-in safety features. Power tools can be dangerous even to the very experienced professionals. It is therefore important when purchasing a power tool such as a sander that the buyer examines the safety features along with the other performance features.

Another critical area to look at is that of comfort. Always test how comfortable it is to use the sander and overall how easy it is to manage it without having to settle for an inferior finished product. If all these factors are considered in the decision making process when purchasing a sander then, the process should be easier and the purchaser should take home a winning piece that will help to create masterpieces.

Top Features of the Ridgid Belt Sander

This sander is more powerful than it would seem at first glance. It is built with a 6.5 Amp motor belt and is also gear driven, which provides additional power as well as enhances the longevity of the tool.

Woodworkers will find this additional power very useful in increasing their level of efficiency. It also has 12 feet rubber power cord and a cord wrap that will help to increase the durability and handiness that this product offers.

Another great feature is the belt tracking tool which adjusts automatically. It is designed to keep the belt to the center of the plate for proper alignment. This is another means by which it creates greater levels of efficiency.

Additionally, it has a twin fan dust collection system which allows one fan to cool the motor while the other collects dust maximizing the dust collection process. Dust is inevitable when using a sander, but with this power sander the clean-up process is well improved and much easier.

The key feature of comfort is also addressed in the design of this sander. It is built to minimize the level of vibration that the user feels while using it. In addition to this, it has soft grip handles which are made to reduce the effect on the hands and give a more comfortable feeling while working.

Regardless of the reason one does woodwork, whether it be a profession or a hobby, the requirements when choosing a sander should have some basic similarities. However, the key is that it should allow the user to get the job done efficiently, effectively, safely and comfortably.

The Ridgid sander offers all this and more at a very affordable price. It is a tool that a woodworker can be proud to have as part of a great set of power tools.

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