Looking for the Perfect 1×42 Inch Belt Sander

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Belt sanders forms part of a group of highly solicited power tools that are generally used toamazonbutton add the finishing touches to wooden projects and other materials. One of the most popular types is the 1×42 belt sander.

Unlike other sanders, the belt sander is uniquely designed to increase work precision, while guaranteeing adequate shaping and smoothing out of your materials, as well as the “hard to reach” areas of your projects. In addition, 1×42 belt sanders are ideal for making and sharpening knives, as well as other hand held tools, such as chisels.

Working without a 1×42 belt sander can be an extremely challenging task; not to mention the fact that your finished product may still appear somewhat crude and rough around the edges. Another advantage of these belt sanders is that they significantly reduce the strain and manual workload of the operators, given their overall design and ergonomic features.

Identifying the Top Two 1×42 Inch Belt Sanders

Two of the top customer choices are the Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander and the JET J-4002 1-Inch by 42-Inch Bench Belt and Disc Sander. Let’s take a closer look at each to learn about their features in order for you pick the one that is most ideal for your jobs:

Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander, 32 lbs, 1725 RPM, 1/3 HP Motor, 1″ x 42″ Belt, 4″ Contact Wheel

This belt sander features a heavy duty 1/3 HP, single phase motor that delivers a speed of 1725 rpm for handling all your sanding needs. This 32 pounds equipment can be easily moved from one place to another, making portability as easy as possible. The Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander comes fitted with 8 feet of cord, giving operators more than enough leverage to use the equipment as far away from the power source as possible. This feature is of dire importance, especially for operators with limited power outlets or short extension cords.

The belt sander caters for sanding a series of different materials including plastics, wood, composites and metals. The belt is manufactured using aluminum oxide, which adds to its durability and performance. The overall design of the Kalamazoo 1SM facilitates speedy and tireless changing and tracking of the belt. Tracking is further boosted thanks to the presence of inbuilt spring tension rollers. At the same time, these rollers help to maintain adequate tension of the sanding belt to ensure that the outcome of your work is consistently excellent.

Additional features of interest include an adjustable table that is tailored to suit your needs and can be maneuvered according to your preferences, as well as a tool rest for keeping your workshop hand tools. The Kalamazoo 1SM 1″ Belt Sander also provides you with the option of freely managing your projects, or firmly attaching them for a more controlled sanding operation.

JET J-4002 1-Inch by 42-Inch Bench Belt and Disc Sander

The JET series is a world renowned and highly trusted brand. Unlike other 1×42 belt sanders, its unique design features an ingenious combination of a sanding belt and a sanding disc, coupled together and mounted unto a high speed, heavy duty single phase motor.   This particular design not only caters for the regular sanding and sharpening projects, but also for deburring, drum sanding and carving. The equipment features a deluxe miter gauge that can provide bilateral movements and locking of up to 45 degree angles.

A removable platen creates the option to work with curves and irregularly shaped projects, leaving them with a smooth finish. The presence of an inbuilt hinged idler wheel cover adds a touch of safety to the system and protects the operator from the hazardous moving parts. The JET J-4002 sits on a heavy duty steel frame that supports the work strain and adds to the overall durability of the equipment. In addition, the rubber feet keeps the equipment firmly grounded, while serving as a base for absorbing the shockwaves generated by the moving parts.

Other top features that put the JET J-4002 way ahead of the other brands include the presence of an adjustable dust deflector and dust chute, as well as a durable cast iron tilting table.

If you’re not quite ready for a 1×42 inch sander, take a closer look at this 1×30 disc and belt sander by Grizzly.

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