Porter Cable Variable Speed Belt Sander Review

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As one of the most useful power tools in one’s workshop, a belt sander works in shaping, amazonbuttonsmoothing, and finishing different types of materials like wood and metal. Either a disc sander or a sand paper is employed for such procedures; and this will depend on the model of unit and how it’s used in an application. Models can also come in the form of portable handheld machines or stationary equipment which can be installed on a work bench.

The PORTER-CABLE 362V 4-Inch by 24-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander is a 4×24 sander model and it’s a handheld portable device. In spite of its compact appearance, however, it is equipped with a powerful 12-Amp motor that can deliver professional results. This Porter Cable Sander is actually one of the Company’s most powerful sanders to date; and professional woodworkers as well as hobbyists and DIY people find this unit extremely useful in their home and business projects.

With flush sanding features that can tackle both horizontal and vertical jobs, this model can smooth wood surfaces through its efficient sanding system and remove paints and old finishes too. As a variable speed belt sander, you can also adjust this unit’s sanding speed anywhere from 1,000 – 1,500 SFPM.

Top Features of the PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Belt Sander

Aside from having a variable speed knob that’s placed on the unit’s handle for the operator’s convenience, this 4×24 sander also has a belt tracking dial that allows for easy belt adjustment even as the machine is being used. The main motor’s location is worth mentioning too, as it is conveniently installed on top of the platen so as to provide for balance during operation.

This variable speed belt sander also comes in a full metal design which makes it durable even when exposed to constant and heavy use. And since it’s a handheld power tool, it can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It weighs around 15 pounds; so it is appropriately weighted for such types of jobs.

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Aside from the main unit, the Porter Cable Belt Sander package also includes a 100G belt as well as a dust collection bag that can swivel up to 360 degrees. This dust bag is very much needed for wood projects as woodworks involve the production of sawdust; and such particles are not only bothersome but harmful to one’s health too. If you find the accompanying dust bag to be quite small and inefficient for your projects, you can also attach a vacuum cleaner on the tool by using the necessary attachments and adapter.

Note that this Porter Cable Sander is a very powerful device; and as such, it works very well on hard types of wood. Because of said power, however, you should be careful when using it on projects that involve soft types of wood so as to avoid damaging delicate materials. It’s a variable speed belt sander anyway, so you can adjust its rotation speed to the appropriate level as needed in your work.

Normally costing at about $240, the PORTER-CABLE 362V 4-Inch by 24-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander has a very competitive price; and it even comes with a 3-year warranty. It’s the perfect tool for removing, smoothing, and leveling wood; and it can work on horizontal and vertical projects too.

Note, however, that its overall weight of 15.5 pounds is considered to be both advantageous and disadvantageous, depending on how the unit is used. For horizontal works, such as working on the floors, it can prove to be very efficient and convenient as the equipment’s own weight can serve as the only pressure needed to complete the job. But when working on vertical projects such as on walls, its weight can be quite heavy for some users.

All in all, this Porter Cable Sander is a useful addition to a woodworker’s workstation. Its overall features, design, and price make it a very valuable power tool. It’s the best belt sander for DIY projects and professional jobs as well.

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