Review of Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander

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Woodwork has never been easy but the joy and pride that woodworkers get from a finished job makes it all worthwhile. It obviously starts with wood, and every wood worker knows the importance of getting the wood to the perfect level of smoothness. This has always been done by some form of sanding, which can be a very tedious and time consuming task. Uneven surfaces and dug out sections are a woodworker’s nightmare when sanding wooden surfaces.

Choosing and using the right tool for the sanding process is therefore a critical activity. The process has evolved over the years, and technology has made the smoothing process much quicker with the creation of electric belt sanders.

Black & Decker has always specialized in making tools that increase productivity at a reasonable price, and the Black & Decker Belt Sander lives up to the brand’s usual high standards. The Black & Decker Belt Sander packs a bunch of unique and mesmerizing features into a highly powerful tool that is sure to catch the eye of a woodworker. Moreover, it is also very budget friendly, and does not require you to pay over the odds for a belt sander.

The Black and Decker Belt Sander is designed with the woodworkers’ needs in mind, as it makes sanding quick, easy, safe and effective. The whole point of using a belt sander is to save on time and energy, and this machine was created to efficiently save these resources.

Top Features of the Black & Decker BR318 Low Profile Belt Sander

The design of the Black & Decker Sander allows for easy handling and causes less pressure on the user’s hand. With a comfortable front handle, woodworkers can easily maneuver the sander to cover the area that requires smoothing.

The low profile front also makes it easier to get to those difficult spots, which in the past would require the use of a different type of tool. Also the fact that it is 13% narrower than most sanders on the market allows for it to be used to sand surfaces in places that other belt sanders can’t reach because of their width.

For additional comfort and manageability, this sander is lightweight, coming at a mere 3.6 pounds which is unusual for a sander. However, it is made with increased power of 6.0 amps so it is just as effective as those heavier sanders.

The smaller front rollers in the design allow it to sand two times closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces to create a more even surface. Also with automatic tracking, users need not worry about having to perform the tedious task of adjusting the tracking to keep the belt centered. So there is greater efficiency with the Black & Decker BR318 3-by-18-inch Low Profile Belt Sander.

The dust collection system of a sander is another important feature, as woodworkers do not need a huge mess to clean up after they are through sanding, and the Black and Decker Belt Sander delivers again. The dust bag is easily attached and removed from the sander and it collects most of the dust that is produced. It is easy to empty without causing further mess, and this is just another way in which this very handy tool saves your time and increases efficiency.

Whether you are a woodworker, a do-it-yourselfer or just someone who likes to play around with woodwork as a hobby, the Black & Decker Belt Sander has all the features to help you get the job done right. It is easy on the hands while producing quality work, and comes with the usual Black and Decker high standards for durability and overall quality. It is affordable and a very good choice if you wish to acquire the best belt sander without spending a lot of cash.

If you want to look at another affordable model of belt sander, we urge you to look at the Grizzly Belt Sander. This unit is also made of heavy duty materials that make it suitable not only for wood works but for metal projects too.

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